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Dante      14/04/2024 02:05:37
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Amdrea      12/04/2024 15:32:08
Istruttore sala / personal trainer Salve sono un ragazzo di 34 anni, istruttore di sala / personal trainer con ormai 8 anni di esperienza , con tesserino e iscrizione al CONI . Se è possibile volevo propormi per la vostra struttura. Attendo un riscontro Cordiali saluti Inviato da: Amdrea

Cynthia      12/04/2024 00:48:18
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Caitlin      07/04/2024 10:43:42
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Sofia      07/04/2024 01:28:36
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Amelia      06/04/2024 19:23:07
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Eloy      06/04/2024 12:20:31
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Russell      05/04/2024 02:24:20
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Myrtis Fry      04/04/2024 04:02:38
If you look closely in the Bible, there are very specific warnings of the rise of AI Revelation 13 talks of the emergence of the Anti-Christ, a great deceiver that will rise in times of great chaos and confusion And, right now, AI’s influence is rapidly spreading around the world in disguise. Sadly, most people are blissfully unaware. See here why: Or perhaps already corrupted by its “touch.” Even more alarmingly, AI is getting more and more powerful Chat GPT 4, a version of Microsoft’s AI, was opened to the public in March 2023 It is reported to contain 10 times the knowledge base of Chat GPT 3… And have 100 Billion times more processing power. What comes next? American Christians have made a short documentary to help you understand and prepare for the dangers of AI. If you truly believe in God, and his biblical prophecies, I urge you to watch the video now. Because Big Tech could take it down at any moment.